Cryo Cream
Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream & Cryo Creations

Understanding LN2

Our ice creams are made with Liquid Nitrogen (chemical compound name: LN2), which flash-freezes our flavored cream bases as our one-of-a-kind desserts are made "a la minute" right before your eyes. Ice cream is an emulsion and in it, contains air, fat, and ice. The smaller the ice crystals, the smoother the ice cream, which effectively achieved a velvety, smooth texture. The flavor is also elevated as it hits your pallet given the reduced crystal size. Also, liquid-nitro cooled temperatures will enable to you to experience a progressive explosion of flavor as our Cryo Creams slowly begin to melt in your mouth.


Aside from putting on an entertaining show for Cryo Cream’s customers, practically speaking, it is much much quicker to make ice cream with LN2 than in a “basic” ice cream machine (i.e., mere seconds, versus 30-45 minutes). This is just one of the many reasons that our Cryo Creams and Coffees are not only atomically correct but also incredibly delicious. The paradoxical smoking frozen presentation will be sure to earn you likes and we vow to always put on a good show!