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Liquid  Nitrogen Sundaes


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Graham cracker ice cream, toasted marshmallow, chocolate syrup injector, homemade graham crackers, pop-rocks.

Netflix & Chilled

Chocolate peanut butter ice cream, nitro breath caramel corn, peanut brittle, sea-salted caramel sauce injector and sweet corn whipped cream.

Jaguar Java

Honduran coffee ice cream, chocolate covered espresso beans, waffle cookies, chestnut whipped cream and dulce de leche cream injector.

Chocolate Relapse

Chocolate fudge brownie ice cream, coco puffs, white chocolate whipped cream, Valrhona dark chocolate syrup injector.

Mango-Avocado Tango

Mango sorbet, spiced mango chips, chia seed granola, whipped avocado mousse and lemon syrup injector.

The Godfather

Honey-roasted black fig ice cream, brioche bun, honeycomb, marscapone whipped cream, balsamic reduction injector.

Stone Cold Crumble

Roasted stone fruit sorbet, cinnamon oat crumble, stone fruit compote, whipped maple mousse, bourbon vanilla syrup injector.

The Monster

Deep-fried vanilla & chocolate fudge brownie ice cream, chocolate covered almonds, salted caramel sauce injector, chantilly whipped cream.

Thyme After Thyme

Valrhona chocolate-covered strawberry and thyme ice cream, shaved white & dark chocolate curls, chocolate whipped cream, strawberry sauce injector.

Not-Your-Grandma’s Pecan Pie

Pecan pie ice cream, candied pecans, duck-fat pie crust tuille, brown butter injector, Bulleit whiskey whipped cream.

Rocky Road Less Traveled

Valhrona chocolate ice cream mixed with almonds and homemade marshmallows, chantilly whipped cream, brownie brittle, shattered raspberries, raspberry sauce injector. (CONTAINS NUTS)

Ferrero Rocher Remix

Ferrero rocher ice cream, chocolate shell, hazelnut praline crunch, waffle cone shard, cinnamon whip cream. (CONTAINS NUTS)

Date With The Devil

Medjool date ice cream, Guinness cake, garam marsala meringue, chantille whipped cream, sticky toffee sauce.

Lost in the Rain Sorbet

Pina colada ice cream, dehydrated pineapple chips, toasted coconut flakes, rum syrup injector.

OJ's Parole

Orange soda ice cream, activated charcoal whipped cream, orange jello slice, orange sprinkles.

Gettin' Lei'd

Hawaiian hibiscus tea sorbet, edible micro flower, sweet honey espuma, crumbled tea cookies, run syrup injector.

Bad to the Bone Marrow

Wine-poached cherry bone marrow ice cream, smoked white chocolate whipped cream, brandy caviar, caramelized maple syrup + cherry.

Duja Wanna Marry Me?

Ganduja chocolate ice cream, whiskey pearls, chantille whipped cream, black bullet sprinkles.


Chocolate-covered pretzel ice cream, chocolate chip pork belly "slaughterhouse" cookie crumbles, candied bacon, bourbon whip cream.

No Stout About It

Chocolate stout ice cream, chicharron crumbles, roasted peanut butter whipped cream + dulce de leche syrup injector.

Just Beet It

Goat Cheese ice cream, roasted sugar beet whipped cream, beet chips + honey thyme syrup injector.

Champagne Super Nova

Super Nova mandarin sorbet, champagne espuma, chia seed granola + rosemary syrup injector.

Strawbasil Fields Forever

Roasted strawberry ice cream, thai basil whipped cream, red fruit granola, balsamic syrup injector.

Sex on the Beach

Peach sorbet, cranberry espuma, dehydrated orange, orange vodka injector. 


Mexican coffee ice cream, condensed milk whipped cream, spiced tuile, coffee tequila injector.



***All of our menu items depend on seasonal ingredients, product availability, and the whims of Chef Matt.