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About Cryo Cream

Cryo Cream’s innovative cryogenic creations transform your classic iced-favorites into smoking frozen art! Our edible showpieces (which include uniquely-flavored ice creams and single-sourced iced coffees) are made from start to finish right before your eyes and then served up in a cloud of vapor… with the help of a special scientific ingredient - Liquid Nitrogen. Chef Matt's inspiring use of unique ingredients appeals to foodies of all ages and the cool smokin’ preparation always leaves his audience mesmerized, but it’s your final cryo-creation that will keep you (and your camera) coming back for more!


Cryo Cream breaks the bounds of traditional ice cream making by daring to take the road less traveled in both flavor profile and texture manipulation. Our one-of-a-kind iced products are made "a la minute" right before your eyes with LN2, which rapidly freezes your flavored creams and caffeine to their creamiest perfection! Instead of scooping out pre-made ice creams, we demonstrate how our crème anglaise bases can be turned into tasty frozen concoctions in a matter of seconds. Better yet, with the help of chemistry, there is no need for any preservatives or chemical emulsifiers. For our Cryo Cream bases, we offer traditional flavors that we upgrade by using only premier, top-of-the-line, 100% organic ingredients. All of our toppings are made in-house by NYC Executive Pastry Chef Matt Marotto, who earned a Michelin star and competed in several Food Network competitions. Chef Matt, a true avant-garde chef, is renowned for his mastery of molecular gastronomy. His revolutionary iced-periments stop all customers in their tracks with the mysteriously enticing smoking' appearance and then his unique flavor pairings and inspiring presentations leaves you truly numb as you watch the illusion unfold.


Here at Cryo Cream, we have no reservations that our perfectly flavored and ingeniously crafted cryo-creations will truly shock your senses. Our goal is to continue to revolutionize ice cream making with unparalleled flavor combinations, while you watch as your wildest frozen dreams come true. We promise to make every Cryo Cream experience one that stays cryogenically frozen in your mind, forever!


Caffeine over cream? We’ve got you covered. Cryo Cream’s sub-zero, single-sourced, and home-ground cold brew coffee is paired with jumbo espresso ice cubes and flash-frozen with LN2. Our Nitro Brew actually becomes more potent as it melts and maintains its taste and tempterature. In an effort to support small sustainable farms, we use only certified organic, fair trade coffee beans. Can't decide between ice cream of coffee? Then don't! Take your iced coffee with a scoop of LN2 ice cream – you’ll get a caffeinated burst of flavor that will be sure to get you through the day and will definitely keep your mood up!


Cryo Creams’ mobile food science lab is available for special events and parties of all occassions! Please contact us for rates and availability. Be sure to check out our social media sites for all of our latest projects.



Be sure to check out Cryo Cream's social media for our latest creations!