Cryo Cream
Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream & Caffeine
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Chef Matt Marotto

Matt Marotto, Cryo Cream Creator + Chef

Cryo Cream was developed and perfected by NYC Executive Pastry Chef Matt Marotto, who is renowned for his mastery of molecular gastronomy. Chef Matt's revolutionary iced-periments stops customers in their tracks with a mysteriously enticing smoking' appearance. We have no reservations that Cryo Cream's unique flavor pairings and inspiring presentations will leave you numb.


Chef Matt Marotto has been featured on Season 3 of Food Network's Holiday Baking Championship, where he excelled and won multiple challenges using his out-of-the-box flavor profiles and cutting-edge cooking skills. With the aid of advanced underground cooking techniques (and a little chemistry help), he is ready to smoke you away with his delicious cryo-creations.